Clearing the cache

Because of cache (temporary memory) may see the old version of a page or article on a site that you recently visited; therefore, you can do a forced browser Refresh quickly, using Ctrl+Shift+Del, key combination, which applies to almost any popular browser (if you want only to use the mouse, you have an example for Google Chrome in the picture.). An even faster way would be to reloading the current page, ignoring the cache, using the key combination Ctrl+Shift+R, for most browsers or:
  • Google Chrome: hotkey Shift+F5;
  • Mozilla Firefox: hotkey Ctrl+F5.

You may as well open the browser in Incognito mode. Thus, the New Incognito Window option may be called, from the right browser, where they are: 

  • 3 vertical dots, for Google Chrome:
  • 3 horizontal lines, for Mozilla Firefox:  
  • 3 horizontal dots, for Microsoft Edge:

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